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Most Popular Products

  • Terumo Luer Slip Syringe (Singles)


    Terumo Luer Slip Syringe (Singles)

    £0.14 - £0.86 (Inc. VAT)
    £0.12 - £0.72 (Ex. VAT)

    These Luer Slip Syringes allow smooth, accurate motion along the entire length of the barrel. The transparent barrel and clear markings (ml) ensures that volumes can be measured precisely. Key...

  • Intersurgical I-Gel Supraglottic Airway


    Intersurgical I-Gel Supraglottic Airway

    £13.42 (Inc. VAT)
    £11.18 (Ex. VAT)

    The i-gel Supraglottic Airway is designed for management of airway via the oral cavity. It is widely used in anaesthesia and resuscitation.Key product features: Designed to accurately mirror the...

  • Steroplast Ambulance Dressing


    Steroplast Ambulance Dressing

    £0.72 - £1.45 (Inc. VAT)
    £0.60 - £1.21 (Ex. VAT)

    This Ambulance Dressing is ideal for use on severe bleeding as it has a thicker pad than standard first aid dressings. Key product features: Sterile, individually wrapped Thicker wound pad than the...

  • Intersurgical Guedel Oropharyngeal Airways


    Intersurgical Guedel Oropharyngeal Airways

    £0.48 - £0.72 (Inc. VAT)
    £0.40 - £0.60 (Ex. VAT)

    The Guedel Oropharyngeal Airway is designed to help manage the airway. Our Guedel range is also fully compliant to the colour coding guidance outlined in ISO 5364:2016. The changes detailed...

New Products

SoChlor TAB 2.5g 100 Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets


SoChlor TAB 2.5g 100 Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets

£22.88 (Inc. VAT)
£19.07 (Ex. VAT)

SoChlor TAB 2.5g 100: An Essential Solution for Infection Prevention and Control SoChlor TAB 2.5g 100 is a powerful disinfectant tablet designed to simplify infection prevention and control...

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Emergency Trauma Response Kit

DS Medical

Emergency Trauma Response Kit

£376.62 - £623.63 (Inc. VAT)
£313.85 - £519.69 (Ex. VAT)

The Emergency Trauma Kit is meticulously equipped with a diverse range of medical supplies and cutting-edge equipment. Its purpose is to bolster your pre-hospital care during emergencies and...

Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery


Cardiac Science G3 AED Battery

£449.94 (Inc. VAT)
£374.95 (Ex. VAT)

The Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Defibrillator Battery is an essential component for ensuring the readiness of your Powerheart G3 defibrillator. Key Features: Battery Lifetime: It has...

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Tactical Emergency  Airway Kit - Nordic Spec


Tactical Emergency Airway Kit - Nordic Spec

£114.60 (Inc. VAT)
£95.50 (Ex. VAT)

Theis Tactical Surgical Airway Kit from Prometheus provides the essential items to successfully establish and secure a surgical airway in any environment. All of the necessary components are...

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At DS Medical we believe in excellence in pre-hospital and primary care. Founded by ambulance personnel, we became distributors of medical and first aid supplies to the pre-hospital care market. With four decades of expertise and industry knowledge; medical, fire & rescue and allied professionals can expect a personal and efficient service, so you can deliver quality healthcare that saves lives.


DS Medical stocks medical supplies for all stages of medical services, from first aid and first response equipment, training & education to diagnostics, patient handling and treatment as well as personal equipment and clothing.  As a customer, you benefit from our collective knowledge, long-established supplier relationships and next day delivery options for all of your medical supplies. We always aim to offer our customers the best possible quality of service and welcome any feedback you may have for us.

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