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  • DS Medical Ambulance Maternity Pack

    DS Medical

    DS Medical Ambulance Maternity Pack

    £35.94 (Inc. VAT)
    £29.95 (Ex. VAT)

    This revised Ambulance Maternity Pack has been uniquely developed by DS Medical to support the safe delivery of babies in the pre-hospital care environment. The contents are supplied in a single, sterile (EO) pack and are latex free.Contents:1 x...

  • Infant Mattress Warmer - 24.5cm x 40cm

    Rapid Relief

    Infant Mattress Warmer - 24.5cm x 40cm

    £43.02 - £1,394.06 (Inc. VAT)
    £35.85 - £1,161.72 (Ex. VAT)

    The Infant Transport Mattress Warmer is a specialised and essential medical device designed to provide optimal comfort and safety for newborns during transport, particularly in ambulances or other medical vehicles. This innovative piece of equipment...

  • Maternity Pack Rev.11

    365 Healthcare

    Maternity Pack Rev.11

    £16.14 (Inc. VAT)
    £13.45 (Ex. VAT)

    Maternity Pack (Rev 11)  Product Specification 1 x Umbilical Cord Scissors 1 x Baby Hat 11.5 x 15cm 2 x XRD Gauze Swabs (Tied 5's, 12 ply, 10 x 10cm) 1 x Yellow Waste Bag 45 x 35cm 4 x White Umbilical Clamps 1 x Absorbent Inco Pad 60 x 40cm 2 x...