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DS Medical Case Studies

At DS Medical we are committed to ensuring our clients get the best possible products for their requirements.


With four decades of expertise and industry knowledge; medical, fire & rescue and allied professionals can expect a personal and efficient service, so you can deliver quality healthcare that saves lives.


Below you will find a collection of case studies that give an example of our dedication and knowledge in sourcing unique, personalised products for our clients.

CLIENT: Fire service


PRODUCT: Bespoke fire ERS bag


YEAR: 2016


REQUIREMENT: The client needed a bag that not only had to be infection friendly, modular and hard wearing, but was able to carry diagnostic equipment attached to the outside in a detachable pouch. They were struggling to find a suitable once on the market and asked DS Medical for a solution.


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CLIENT: Emergency service provider


PRODUCT: DS Medical manufactured lifeguard bag


YEAR: 2012


REQUIREMENT: The client had an emergency response bag that failed to survive in their operational world for more than 12 months. Whilst there were many bags on the market they only had a limited budget to source a new bag and they found they were struggling to find one so they came to DS Medical for help.


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CLIENT: NHS Ambulance Trust


PRODUCT: DS Medical manufactured holdall bag


YEAR: 2021


REQUIREMENT: A client needed a personal holdall within a tight timeframe (8 weeks). They came to DS Medical as they could not find any off-self product that met their timeline requirements.


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