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  • 3M Transpore™ Tape


    3M Transpore™ Tape

    £2.10 (Inc. VAT)
    £1.75 (Ex. VAT)

    3M™ Transpore™ White Medical Tape is a transparent, perforated plastic tape designed for dependability and ease of use, with bi-directional perforations for easy hand tearing and a moderate level of adhesive strength. 3M™...

  • Steroplast Dressing Retention Tape (10cm x 10m)


    Steroplast Dressing Retention Tape (10cm x 10m)

    £4.70 (Inc. VAT)
    £3.92 (Ex. VAT)

    This Dressing Retention Tape is ideal for fixing dressings to the skin.Key product features: Non-woven polyester fabric tape Soft, pliable and porous Conforms readily to all areas of the body Minimal trauma for the patient upon removal Hypo-allergenic...

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  • Premier Transparent Tape


    Premier Transparent Tape

    £1.37 - £3.60 (Inc. VAT)
    £1.14 - £3.00 (Ex. VAT)

    This Transparent Tape is Hypoallergenic and made from transparent film. Key product features: A Hypoallergenic surgical tape made from a transparent film Conforms well to body contours Tears easily in both directions Secures tubes and catheters Perfect...

  • Steroplast Microporous Tape


    Steroplast Microporous Tape

    £0.55 - £1.75 (Inc. VAT)
    £0.46 - £1.46 (Ex. VAT)

    This Micropore Tape is great for securing dressings in place and is low allergy, making it perfect for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic adhesive - ideal for sensitive skin Tape holds dressings in place Easy to tear - no scissors required Permeable to air...

  • Steroplast Zinc Oxide Tape


    Steroplast Zinc Oxide Tape

    £1.37 - £5.00 (Inc. VAT)
    £1.14 - £4.17 (Ex. VAT)

    This Zinc Oxide Tape is a rigid, adhesive tape used to strap up joints to prevent sporting injuries. It is ideal for use in high impact sports like boxing, MMA, tennis, rock climbing and rugby.Key product reports: Tears easily by hand along length and...

  • Steroplast Patella Taping Kit (Twin Pack)


    Steroplast Patella Taping Kit (Twin Pack)

    £12.10 (Inc. VAT)
    £10.08 (Ex. VAT)

    This Patella Taping Kit (Twin Pack) is Ideal for patellofemoral pain.The Twin Pack contains one each of the following: 1 x Sterofix dressing retention tape - designed to flex with body movement and conform well in awkward areas such as over the patella 1...

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