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Response bags for every situation

When responding to a medical emergency, it is vital that all of the necessary equipment is easily accessible in order to be able to deliver effective treatment. Without somewhere to put all your medic…

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Choosing the right stethoscope for you

Whether you’re a medical student, nurse, paramedic or doctor, having a high performance and dependable stethoscope is key to effective patient assessment on a daily basis. With a wide selection availa…

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First Aid in the workplace - what you need to know in 2022

It’s well known that employers need to ensure they have sufficient first aid measures in place if people are taken ill or injured in the workplace, but do you know exactly what is needed?The Health…

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Guide to Using a Tourniquet

Tourniquets are a vital part of any first aiders medical kit bag. Dating back to the fourth century BC where they were used to ease the bleeding of wounded soldiers. In 1718, tourniquets were first…

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Casualty simulation training equipment

Whether you’re learning or teaching, medical training equipment is an essential education tool. It is so important to ensure you have high-quality equipment, that’s why at DS Medical we offer a select…

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