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Spring 2024 Newsletter - DS Medical

Spring 2024 Newsletter - DS Medical

Posted by DS Medical on 20th Mar 2024

Welcome to a new season! As the winter chill fades and the world awakens with renewed energy, we invite you to delve into this spring edition of our newsletter. Inside, you'll find inspiring content and a touch of spring magic to brighten your day.


This month we attended the Trauma Care Conference in Yarnfield, we spent a couple of days there and met lots of people and had a great time showing our range of products.

The Emergency Services Show (ESS) NEC Birmingham 18th & 19th September 2024. We will be displaying alongside our partner Thermarmour at Stand C233. Pop by and see what new products we have.


Developments with the website have allowed us to reduce the order value to £25 (ex VAT) to attract Free Standard Delivery, we also now accept Apple Pay along with Paypal, Google Pay and pay later via Paypal.


What does DS Medical have in its pipeline?

In development are some new response bags, which should be available for the ESS 2024.

A new traction splint arriving soon is the 'Eagle Traction Splint', this is to replace the Kendrick, watch out on social media for more announcements.

Launching soon and new to our range of training products is Saviour Medical's SFX and moulage products

We are also continually updating Medical Kits such as FREC4, FREC3, Mass Casualty Incident Management Pack & Public Access Mass Casualty Control Stations

For more news and updates follow DS Medical on our social media platforms, in the links below.

Slishman Pressure Wrap & PouchSlishman Pressure Wrap & Pouch

The Slishman Pressure Wrap (SPW) is a highly versatile tool designed primarily for use as a pressure dressing. The lightweight black or orange elastic wrap includes a red slip sleeve forming a lasso that is easy to cinch and allows for application around an injured limb. 
Trauma Cap

When seconds count, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Rescue Essentials Trauma Cap is more than just a medical product—it’s a game-changer for treating head trauma in emergency situations.
Rescue Essentials Trauma Cap
5.11 Tactical Responder 72 Backpack5.11 Tactical Responder 72 Backpack

An essential companion for urgent situations. Designed to meet the demands of Emergency Medical, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel, this 50-litre capacity backpack ensures that nothing gets left behind when the call comes in