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Emergency Care Bandage 8" - Abdominal/Large Wound Amputation


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The Emergency Care Bandage 8" Abdominal / Large Wound Amputation Dressing is a versatile and essential tool for managing severe wounds, especially in critical situations. Whether you’re a first responder, outdoor enthusiast, or simply someone who values preparedness, this bandage is a must-have addition to your emergency kit.

Here are the key features of this life-saving bandage:

  1. Abdominal and Large Wound Coverage: Designed specifically for abdominal wounds and large injuries, including eviscerations, burns, and amputations. Its 12 x 12-inch sterile bandage pad provides ample coverage for effective wound management.

  2. Multi-Functional Design:

    • Sterile Pad: The bandage features a sterile wound pad that aids in wound treatment.
    • Elasticised Wrapping Leader: This elasticized bandage allows for compression and secure wrapping.
    • Closure Bar: The closure bar ensures stability and prevents accidental unwinding.
    • Compact and Waterproof: The flat, vacuum-sealed packaging keeps the bandage protected and ready for use.
    • Moisture Seal (New Improvement): The moisture seal covers exposed organs, providing additional protection.
  3. Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 160 grams (5.6 ounces), this bandage won’t weigh you down during emergencies.

  4. Long Shelf Life: With a long shelf life, you can trust that it will be effective when needed most.

Keep the Emergency Care Bandage 8" Abdominal / Large Wound Amputation Dressing within reach—whether you’re hiking, camping, or at home. It’s a crucial tool for stopping bleeding and saving lives!