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The Civilian Emergency Care Bandage - Israeli Bandage


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The Civilian Emergency Care Bandage (Israeli Bandage) is an all-in-one lifesaver designed to address severe wounds involving heavy blood loss. Whether you’re a trained responder or an untrained individual, this bandage provides a fast response for severe bleeding situations.

Here are the key features of the Civilian Emergency Care Bandage:

  1. High-Performance Hemorrhage Control: This bandage offers the same standard of care as in the world’s elite militaries. It’s suitable for severe wounds and wraps, consolidating first aid components into a single device.

  2. Versatile and Multi-Functional: The bandage includes a sterile 4" non-adherent wound pad on one side, which provides good elasticity for wrapping and securing wounds. The integrated pressure bar ensures effective hemorrhage control.

  3. Compact and Lightweight: The bandage is compact, lightweight, and waterproof, making it an ideal addition to workplace or home first aid kits, travel kits, or first responder bags.

  4. Immediate and Direct Pressure: As part of the famous Israeli Bandage® range, the Civilian Emergency Care Bandage® combines a thick, non-adherent sterile wound pad, an elastic bandage, a pressure applicator, and a closure clip. It exerts 30-40+ lbs of pressure on the wound, effectively stopping bleeding without the need for tape or safety pins.

  5. Staged Release System: The bandage allows maximum possible pressure to be applied and maintained. It can be used on almost any body part, making it versatile for major traumatic wounds.

Remember, the Civilian Emergency Care Bandage is your go-to solution for severe bleeding emergencies. Keep it handy in your first aid kit or responder bag, and be prepared to save lives!