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Reducing the Risk of Occupational Cancer

Reducing the Risk of Occupational Cancer

Posted by DS Medical on 11th Sep 2023

Decontamination Wipes Reducing the Risk in All Industries

With recent research identifying the increased risk of cancer amongst workers, all industries must consider the

potential risk of contamination.

De Wipe conducted a landmark study with leading professors at Manchester Metropolitan University to test 

De Wipe’s effectiveness at removing carcinogenic pollutants from skin – the results are overwhelmingly positive 

showing De Wipe decontamination wipes remove the most harmful dioxins and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 

(PAHs) from skin.

The Risk

  • It is estimated that occupational cancers are a leading cause of work-related deaths worldwide.
  • Certain occupations are associated with increased risk of exposure to carcinogens.
  • Failure to decontaminate increases risk of carcinogens absorbing through skin or cross-contaminating surfaces.

The Solution

De Wipe

Scientifically proven to help remove known chemical carcinogens from skin, equipment and surfaces. Easily fits into your existing decontamination process.

De Wipe is the only 100% biodegradable decontamination wipe.

The Only Scientifically Proven Decontamination Wipe For All Industries

  • Use De Wipe to effectively remove dangerous carcinogens & pollutants from skin and surfaces.
  • De Wipe decontamination wipes are available in three convenient packet sizes and as an equipment wipe.

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