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Supporting Professionals Who Care

DS Medical: Your Trusted Partner for First Aid Kits and Supplies

DS Medical: Your Trusted Partner for First Aid Kits and Supplies

Posted by DS Medical on 14th Mar 2024


When it comes to emergency preparedness, having the right first-aid supplies is crucial. DS Medical, a UK-based distributor, specialises in providing high-quality first aid kits and medical supplies. Whether you’re a medical professional, workplace safety officer, or simply want to be prepared at home, DS Medical has you covered.

About DS Medical

DS Medical is committed to supporting professionals who care. With a wide range of products, we cater to various needs, from basic first aid kits to specialised response kits. Here are some key points about DS Medical:

  • Product Range: DS Medical offers an extensive range of first aid supplies, emergency medical equipment, training aids and 5.11 Tactical clothing.
  • Contact: You can reach us on 01329 311451 or via email at
  • Online Ordering: Enjoy free standard delivery on web orders over £25 (UK mainland only).

DS Medical’s first aid kits are designed to meet various needs, from personal use to professional response. 

Let’s explore some of our offerings:

  1. Tactical IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit):
    • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, this kit includes essential supplies for minor injuries and emergencies.
    • Priced between £38.04 and £67.21 (ex. VAT).
  2. Summer First Aid Kit:
    • Perfect for holidays, outdoor events, and beach trips.
    • Priced at £27.05 (ex. VAT).
  3. Farm Personal First Aid Kit:
    • Designed for farm workers and agricultural settings.
    • Comprehensive and durable.
    • Priced at £59.05 (ex. VAT)
  4. Arborist / Forestry Personal First Aid Kit:
    • Tailored for tree surgeons and forestry professionals.
    • Includes specialised items for tree-related injuries.
    • Priced at £59.05 (ex. VAT)
  5. Immediate First Aid Kits (Sport-Specific Refills):
    • Available for netball, hockey, football, and rugby.
    • Refill kits to keep your sports first aid supplies up to date.
    • Priced at £19.13 (ex. VAT) each.
  6. Professional First Response Kit:
    • Developed for medics, nurses, and doctors.
    • Covers minor injuries, serious bleeds, and CPR situations.
    • Priced between £118.56 and £138.00 (ex. VAT)
  7. DS Medical First Responder AED Backpack:
    • Equipped with an iPAD SP1 AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
    • Comprehensive and ready for rapid response.
    • Priced at £1,743.50 (ex. VAT)
  8. FREC (First Response Emergency Care) Kits:
    • Available in FREC 3 and FREC 4 versions.
    • Designed for advanced emergency care.
    • Priced between £312.49 and £554.16 (ex. VAT).


DS Medical’s commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes us a trusted partner in the field of first aid. Whether you’re a professional responder or someone looking to enhance safety at home, DS Medical’s range of first aid kits and supplies ensures you’re prepared for any situation.