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Timesco Cuffed ET Tubes

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The Timesco Endotracheal Tube is a high-quality, cost-effective, single-use product designed to create or maintain patient airways. It features a smooth soft tip and high-volume, low-pressure cuff to minimise trauma. This cuffed variant also has a Murphy eye to create an alternate pathway for gas flow in occlusion cases.

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Key product features:

  • Kink resistant - ensures tube patency for patient safety, whilst softening at body temperature to conform to the patient’s respiratory tract
  • A clear 15mm connector allows for easy connection to standard anaesthetic and ventilation breathing system equipment
  • Radio-opaque line is included in the endotracheal tube to facilitate its identification on a chest X-ray
  • Murphy eye in the endotracheal tube is a standard feature to provide an alternate pathway for gas flow in case of occlusion
  • The high-volume, low-pressure cuff minimises trauma to the trachea by creating a low-pressure seal against the tracheal wall, protecting the patient’s airway, preventing leakage, and allowing accurate control of gas flow
  • Depth marker line - the double line guide facilitates safe and accurate cuff placement 
  • Sterile, individually wrapped
  • Single-use device