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PolyFlush Pre-Filled Saline Flush Syringe - 10ML


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Enhancing IV Medication Administration Efficiency 

When administering medications intravenously, having a pre-filled saline flush syringe readily available can significantly save time. The PolyFlush is a sterile, FDA approved pre-filled saline flush syringe containing sodium chloride (NaCl) 0.9%. Its design is specifically tailored to enhance best clinical practice.

Key product features:

  1. Time-Saving Efficiency: The PolyFlush streamlines the process, allowing healthcare professionals to administer medications promptly.
  2. Improved Flush Compliance: By using pre-filled saline flush syringes, healthcare providers can ensure consistent and effective flushing during IV procedures.
  3. Cost Reduction: The use of pre-filled syringes minimises storage requirements and disposal costs.
  4. Cannula Protection: The luer lock connection of each syringe reduces the risk of cannula damage during administration.
  5. Blood Reflux Prevention: Eliminating syringe-induced blood reflux enhances patient safety.
  6. Contamination Risk Mitigation: The sterile design eliminates the risk of contamination.
  7. Medication Error Reduction: Using the PolyFlush contributes to safer medication administration.

Product Details:

  • Available in 10ml size.
  • Can be supplied as single units or boxes of 30.

Remember, the PolyFlush is a valuable tool for maintaining safe and efficient IV medication practices in clinical settings.