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BD Venflon Pro Safety Cannula


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The BD Venflon Pro Safety cannula is designed to protect the clinician from exposure to bloodborne-pathogens and help prevent needlestick injury.

Available in a range of different gauges, the BD Venflon Pro Safety is a multi-functional device designed to help protect you from exposure to bloodborne pathogens via needle-stick and mucocutaneous injuries.

Key product features:

  • Needle shield fully encapsulates the needle once activated to minimise needle-stick injury
  • Familiar ported design with 'snap cap' aids non-touch technique which prevents port being inadvertently left open
  • Sharp needle technology provides both ease of penetration and improved patient comfort
  • Flexible wings stabilise the cannula in the vein and provides comfortable securement for the patient
  • Grip is ergonomically design to allow for a variety of user techniques to aid insertion
  • 14g x 0.45mm (Orange)
  • 16g x 0.45mm (Grey)
  • 18g x 0.45mm (Green)
  • 20g x 0.32mm (Pink)
  • 22g x 0.25mm (Blue)