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Intersurgical Guedel Oropharyngeal Airways


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The Guedel Oropharyngeal Airway is designed to help manage the airway.

Our Guedel range is also fully compliant to the colour coding guidance outlined in ISO 5364:2016. The changes detailed below were implemented at the end of October 2021, and so the new colours will start to enter market circulation in the coming months.

Key product features

  • One-piece design with a soft tip
  • Individually wrapped
  • Colour coded
  • Central lumen to support airway suctioning
Intersurgical Size ISO Size Current Intersurgical Colour New ISO Compliant Colour
000 3.5 Pink Light Green
00 5.0 Blue Blue
0 5.5 Grey Grey
1 6.5 White Brown
1.5 7.0 Yellow White
2 8.0 Green Green
3 9.0 Orange Yellow
4 10.0 Red Red
5 12.0 Purple Purple