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DS Medical TVAC Manual Easy Disposable Suction Device

DS Medical

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The Suction Easy Disposable Suction Device is a cost-efficient device for the effective suction of the oro-pharynx.

Key product features:

  • Single-use, disposable
  • Easy to grip and use
  • No battery or electrical source required
  • No mechanical parts
  • Rugged and compact
  • A strong, silicone bulb creates vacuum pressure of approx.
  • 110 mmHg
  • Collection bag volume > 1000ml
  • Resilient, reliable silicone bulb prevents loss of suction in even the harshest climates
  • A contoured suction tube tip prevents tissue damage during application
  • Reliable, inexpensive and straightforward manual suction unit for clearing airway obstructions
  • Simple disposal eliminates cross-contamination concerns