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JRCALC Clinical Guidelines 2022 A4


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Combining expert advice with practical guidance, the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee Clinical Guidelines are the essential resource for paramedics. The guidelines are written specifically for the ambulance paramedic role, providing a comprehensive overview of the principal areas they may encounter, and supporting them in providing excellent patient care.

This 2022 edition has been updated with the latest evidence and developments in clinical practice. Key reviews have taken place on guidelines within the Resuscitation and Special Situations sections, as well as updates to Maternity guidelines such as Care of the Newborn and Newborn Life Support. Medicine guidelines have been removed, but are available on the iCPG and JRCALC Plus apps, where they are regularly updated to ensure that the most up-to-date guidance is available to clinicians.

The JRCALC Clinical Guidelines 2022 now contains crucial guidance on topics, including:

  • Acute Behavioural Disturbance
  • Alcohol use-disorders
  • Low Back Pain (Non-Traumatic)
  • Patients with Communication Difficulties
  • Steroid-Dependent patients
  • Vascular Emergencies.

Medicine information and updates to guidelines are published on the JRCALC apps, iCPG and JRCALC Plus, as required. The JRCALC apps contain the complete and most current information.

ISBN: 9781801610230