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Spencer Rescue Twin Shell Split Stretcher Basket


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The Spencer Twin Shell is more than just a stretcher; it’s an advanced solution designed to meet the demands of emergency responders and healthcare professionals.

Crafted with precision from high-density polyethylene, this divisible basket stretcher ensures unparalleled protection for patients, safeguarding them against lateral collisions even in uneven and hazardous terrains.

Key Product Features:

  • Robust Shell: The Twin Shell’s sturdy construction provides exceptional durability. Its high-density polyethylene shell shields patients during transport, ensuring their safety.
  • Ample Space: The Twin Shell offers ample space for life support systems, footrests, and other essential emergency equipment.
  • Unique Divisibility: Need efficient storage? The Twin Shell can be easily separated into two halves, allowing for compact storage. When every inch matters, a nested configuration saves space.
  • Versatility: Whether it’s a challenging rescue operation or a hard-to-reach location, the Twin Shell rises to the occasion. Protect casualties from side impacts, even on uneven and hazardous ground.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: From its thoughtful design to its adaptability, the Spencer Twin Shell enhances patient care in the most demanding circumstances.
  • Strategically Positioned Eyelets: Offer patient restraint versatility
  • 12 Ample Handholes: For a secure grip
  • Aerial Lifting Capability: With 4 eyelets
  • Perimeter Rope: For belt and accessory attachment
  • Adjustable Floating Footrest 
  • Waterproof Mattress: For enhanced patient comfort


  • Length: 2140 mm
  • Length divided: 1180 mm
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Height: 200 mm
  • Number of handles:12
  • Weight: 13,8 kg
  • Material: PE, PP, Al, Steel
  • Colour: Orange
  • Load Capacity: 280 kg