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Multi-Grip Disposable Head Immobiliser

DS Medical

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As seen on 999: On the Frontline and used by WMAS - Multi-Grip Disposable Head Immobiliser

The Disposable Multi-Grip Head Immobiliser is a strong, lightweight, easy-to-apply single-use system. Whether you’re an emergency medical professional, first responder, or part of a healthcare team, this multi-grip immobiliser ensures patient safety and comfort.

Here are the key features:

  • Universal Design: The Multi-Grip Head Immobiliser is CE Marked and compatible with all spine boards and cervical collars, making it suitable for various emergency situations.
  • Adjustable Fit: Fully adjustable head and chin straps allow for a secure and customised fit, ensuring optimal immobilisation.
  • Individually Packaged: Each unit is meticulously sealed in thermo-sealed film, maintaining hygiene infection control protocols and convenience.
  • Buoyant for Water Rescue: This Multi-Grip Head immobiliser remains effective on land or in water. Its buoyant design ensures reliable performance during water rescues.
  • Helmet Compatibility: It can be used even when an individual is wearing a helmet, making it suitable for sports injuries and outdoor activities.
  • Radiolucent Material: The closed-cell foam construction is radiolucent, allowing for X-rays & CT without needing removal.