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HypaPlast Children's Washproof Hypoallergenic Assorted Plasters (Box of 100)


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HypaPlast Children’s Washproof Hypoallergenic Assorted Plasters (Box of 100)

Ensure your child’s minor cuts and scrapes are protected with HypaPlast Children’s Washproof Hypoallergenic Assorted Plasters. This box of 100 assorted plasters is designed to provide optimal care for your child’s skin.

Key Product Features:

  • Washproof: These plasters are water-resistant, allowing your child to carry on with their day without worrying about the plaster coming off in the bath, shower, or during a swim
  • Hypoallergenic: Made with hypoallergenic material, these plasters are gentle on sensitive skin and reduce the risk of allergic reactions
  • Assorted Sizes: The box contains plasters of various sizes to cover different types of wounds, from small cuts to larger scrapes
  • Easy to Apply: The plasters are easy to apply and remove, causing minimal discomfort to your child.
  • Durable: Despite their gentle touch, these plasters are durable and designed to stay in place, protecting the wound until it heals
  • Child-Friendly Design: The plasters come in a variety of fun and colorful designs that your child will love, making the healing process a little more enjoyable

With HypaPlast Children’s Washproof Hypoallergenic Assorted Plasters, you can ensure that your child’s wounds are well-protected, helping them heal faster while they continue to enjoy their daily activities. This product is an essential addition to every family’s first aid kit.

Plaster Dimensions:

  • 18mm x 64mm
  • 18mm x 38mm
  • 25mm x 72mm
  • 38mm x 38mm
  • 50mm x 72mm

Box Dimensions:

  • 13.5cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 5.5cm (H)