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ZOLL AED 3 Trainer

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ZOLL AED 3 Trainer

Complete ZOLL AED 3 simulation with Real CPR Help® and real-time CPR feedback

The ZOLL AED 3® Trainer is the only automated external defibrillator (AED) training solution that provides Real CPR Help®, real-time feedback on a trainee’s compression quality. The trainer will allow students to learn correct rate and depth of CPR chest compression in a training setting.

The ZOLL AED 3 Trainer is designed to closely mimic the operation of the clinical AED, offering students a more realistic rescue experience.

The ZOLL AED 3 Trainer includes:

An active LCD display with full-colour rescue images that mirror what a student will see on a clinical ZOLL AED 3 device

Contact sensors in the training pads that detect pad contact with the manikin, eliminating the need for a remote control to support rescue simulations making it easier for the trainer to manage and focus more on the student rather than with button to press!

An on-device pause button that allows the instructor to pause a training scenario

Long-lasting consumables, which save time and money

Easy USB software update/language configuration if required

ZOLL AED 3 Trainer Package Includes:

UK English – ERC Guidelines

ZOLL AED 3 Trainer

Localized Operator’s Guide

ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz Electrode Training Harness

Trainer Electrode Gels for ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz

Trainer Electrode Liner for ZOLL AED 3 Trainer CPR Uni-padz

Batteries (4 D-Cell)