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Top 10 Celox Facts


Celox is a product known as a haemostatic agent.  A haemostatic agent is something that retards (slows down) or stops bleeding.  Haemostatic agents like Celox are typically used to treat moderate to catastrophic bleeding.  Catastrophic bleeding is bleeding that left untreated is likely to rapidly lead to death or serious life-threatening condition for a patient.


Celox comes in a range of different products including the popular Celox 56g Gauze, Celox Z-Fold and Celox Granules.  You can also buy the Celox Applicator which is designed to specifically treat penetrating injuries like gunshot wounds, blast injuries, and puncture wounds (often caused by stabbing).


Our Top 10 - Celox Facts below give you even more information about this fantastic life-saving product.


  1. Celox is a haemostatic agent, which means it is used to stop bleeding - widely used by the military and also found in the pre-hospital, hospital and workplace environments.
  2. It is rapid-acting - proven to stop otherwise lethal femoral artery bleeding in just a few minutes with compression treatment and is also very effective for venous and minor bleeding.
  3. Celox was launched in 2006 and is available as a range of products - applicator, granules and pre-impregnated dressings.
  4. Celox is made from chitosan granules - a natural polymer extracted from shrimp and crab shells.
  5. It is non-exothermic, meaning it does not give off heat.
  6. It is suitable for the treatment of patients with bleeding who are taking anti-coagulant (e.g., Warfarin and Heparin) and anti-platelet (e.g., Aspirin and Clopidogrel) medicines as well as those with hypothermic blood (as low as 13°C).
  7. Celox is non-allergenic and has been successfully tested on humans with known fish/shellfish allergies without reaction to the chitosan.
  8. The chitosan granules work on contact with blood whereby they swell, form a gel and stick together to form a plug. This gel plug can later be easily removed as part of the hospital treatment.
  9. The use of Celox does not trigger the normal clotting process as it only clots blood it comes into contact with.
  10. Chitosan is naturally broken down and then converted into materials normally present in the body.



Haemostatic dressings and products now form an essential part of any emergency responder kit.  Sadly, with an increase in terror-related attacks the risk of civilians suffering a catastrophic injury is increased, meaning there is value in having these sorts of products in public places like shopping centres, train stations, event arenas and anyway with large crowd gatherings.


If you need more expert advice on Celox haemostats and associated products please contact our team. Or perhaps you are looking to develop a catastrophic bleeding kit for your organisation and need help our in-house clinician will be pleased to assist you - just call 01329 311451.


You can also explore our range of haemostatic products on our Catastrophic Bleeding page.