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Thermarmour™ Xtreme Hypothermia Bag


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Tested successfully for use in the Antarctic, in temperatures as low as -25°C, THERMARMOUR Xtreme is a bonded fabric created to have all the insulating properties of the original THERMARMOUR, but with added tensile and tear strength. This makes it suitable to be built into products which need to be highly durable in harsh conditions and situations. It is one of the core materials used in the THERMARMOUR HYPOTHERMIA BAG, used for hypothermia prevention.


Any trauma casualty will begin to feel the effects of hypothermia. THERMARMOUR HYPOTHERMIA BAGS are designed to cover a multiple of injury scenarios.

Place the casualty inside the bag. Strategically placed access points allow for treatment to continue without exposing the patient. Designed to take a spine board and have a safe lifting weight of 460kg.

Fixed drag point for removing casualties from an immediate danger of death.

Situations that THERMARMOUR X could be effective:

Military Medics, Lowland and Mountain Search & Rescue, Expedition & Extreme Sports survival kit.

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