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Effective treatment of emergency conditions requires specialist equipment. Response units need to be equipped to immediately treat conditions that affect airway and breathing; injuries such as burns and bleeding; to deliver treatment via IV access; and to provide resuscitation and immobilisation. Our treatment department at DS Medical offers the specialist equipment you need to treat patients needing such assistance.

Medical Supplies for Minor Injuries

Within our treatment equipment, we offer a number of medical supplies to treat minor soft tissue injuries, relieve the pain of burns by cooling and protecting against airborne contamination, stem the flow of bleeding and to immobilise potential neck and spinal injuries.

Medical Supplies for Specialist Treatments

In some emergency cases, patients may require assistance with breathing using either airway management or respiratory management devices. Ensure that you have these medical supplies to hand, as well as IV equipment to administer any drug or fluid therapies, and equipment to assist with the effective resuscitation of non-breathing, unconscious patients. Browse our First Aid department for medical supplies suited to minor injuries.


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  • Schiller FRED Easyport Defibrillator


    Schiller FRED Easyport Defibrillator

    £3,330.00 - £3,894.00 (Inc. VAT)
    £2,775.00 - £3,245.00 (Ex. VAT)

    12 Week Manufacturer Delivery Lead Time The FRED Easyport Defibrillator is small, light and portable while still meeting all the requirements of a modern AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). Key product features: Carry in your coat pocket, on your...