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Personal Equipment

When responding to an emergency, it is vital that you are easily identifiable as a medical professional and you have all the necessary equipment to protect yourself at the scene. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and appropriate Identification in the form of reflective badges, epaulettes or reflective Univisors should be part of your medical kit.

Identifying Yourself as a Medical Professional

There are a number of ways to clearly identify yourself as a medical professional at the scene of an accident or emergency. We recommend wearing identification such as a reflective badge to denote your role and making sure your vehicle is equipped with temporary reflective identification in the form of a Univisor which fits most vehicles by sliding over the sun visor.

Personal Medical Equipment

Some medical equipment you simply need to hand. From small items such as Penlights or  LED Lenser Torches, to protective 5.11 Eyewear and everyday equipment such as Scissors and Shears. At DS Medical we have everything you may need on your person when responding to an emergency. Browse our Clothing department for more personal equipment.


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  • Nightsearcher Lifeguard Multi-Functional Safety Light


    Nightsearcher Lifeguard Multi-Functional Safety Light

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    The compact Nightsearcher Lifeguard is a multi-functional safety light.  With a range of lighting and safety tools it makes an ideal companion for the car.  Key product features: LED Torch - 70 lumens LED Floodlight - 200 lumens Red flashing...

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