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Patient Handling

Moving patients must be done with the utmost care, and this requires the right specialist equipment to ensure they are not at risk of further injury. We offer a large range of immobilisation and transfer devices from collars and safety restraining straps to stretchers, banana boards, and slings for emergency service staff that need to move patients safely.

Patient Immobilisation

Injuries affecting the neck or spine are often immobilised. Securing these areas requires equipment such as neck collars, head immobilisers and spine boards, to provide triple immobilisation. We offer many variations of cervical collars and spine boards suitable for keeping the head, neck, and back aligned while a patient is being transferred.

Patient Transfer

In addition to specific immobilisation, we also offer a variety of options for transferring patients. The appropriate transfer device can change depending on the needs of the patient and the situation. Our transfer devices include transfer slings, banana boards, stretchers and more. Browse our Treatment department for our full range of immobilisation options.