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The MP1 Standard Ambulance Helmet

The MP1 Standard Ambulance Helmet

Posted by DS Medical on 10th Nov 2023

We are all aware of the fantastic life-saving work carried out by the UK's Ambulances when there's a life-threatening injury or medical emergency.

Such exceptional individuals, who regularly put their own safety on the line to protect others, need the highest levels of equipment performance, including their head protection PPE, to ensure that their well being is never compromised.

Why Safety Helmets for Ambulance Crews

  • Crews often work in unpredictable and hazardous environments. Safety helmets provide protection against falling debris, objects, or equipment, reducing the risk of head injuries that could result from impacts.
  • Crews frequently respond to emergencies on the road. In the event of a vehicle collision, a safety helmet can protect paramedics from head injuries caused by sudden jolts, impacts, or vehicle rollovers.
  • Crews might need to navigate uneven terrain or climb ladders, especially in rescue situations. Helmets can prevent head injuries resulting from falls or slips
  • Helmets can serve as a visible identification of paramedics during chaotic scenes, helping to distinguish them from other responders or bystanders. This improves overall safety by reducing the chances of mistaken identity or confusion.
  • Helmets can be equipped with face shields or visors, which provide an additional barrier against potential exposure to bodily fluids, respiratory droplets, and other contaminants that Ambulance crews might encounter during patient care.
MP1 Standard Ambulance Helmet

MP1 Standard Ambulance Helmet


Expertly design helmets that are shock resistant and durable, proven to work well in extreme temperatures and rescue related conditions.


Certified to EN16473 (Technical Rescue)


Products are equipped with a simple and reliable helmet adjustment system, and easy attachment of the accessories makes PAB helmets easy to use.


Compatible with a diverse range of accessories including the Adaro torches.

In summary, safety helmets are crucial for Ambulance crews to protect themselves from various hazards and to ensure they can effectively provide care in emergency situations. They play a key role in preventing head injuries, maintaining personal safety, and enhancing the overall efficiency and professionalism of ambulance services in UK

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